Sunday, October 10, 2010

Imagine Festival - UTSA Brings SnowCrash to Second Life

As part of the Imagine Festival the University of Texas at San Antonio ArtSpace has created a full sim dedicated to the book SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson. Yes that SnowCrash.

I believe Stephenson says in the book that "it's always night in the Metaverse" but for the purposes of these photographs it made sense to allow some light to shine on the build. And it is a great build - even if you haven't read the book.

Igor Ballyhoo & Rebeca Bashly have put in a lot of time and love into creating this homage to the book. The organizers have reached out to many of the brilliant artists inworld and their creations are stunning.

The notecard you receive upon arrival lists all of the artists and their works so I won't repeat everything here. The range of artists is impressive though:

In addition to the great build and fabulous art there is something which gives "social networking" an interesting inworld twist. The Global Social Networking Visualization Map by August Chrome and constructivIST Solo allows you to place your marker on a world map to join the others already placed by residents. If you wish to connect with another of those markers you click on it and "wait for them to accept your request to connect. If you received a request you can either accept the request via menu OR click their marker in return."

I plan to go to as many of the Imagine Festival's projects as time permits - but I'm very glad that I managed to visit UTSA ArtSpace's SnowCrash. You need to visit it as well. And yes, that last link is the one with the SLURL. :)

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