Monday, May 5, 2008

The adventure continues ..........

One year ago today I joined Second Life. This is the only photo of me I have from back then - and that's only because when I enter a Region name at login it shows this pic.

I'd like to say I only looked like this for a brief period of time but it was really more like 3 or 4 months. I was so busy buying land and learning to build that I just didn't worry about my AV. Once I started to go out into the world I did make a few improvements. I have no idea why Wrath actually spoke to me back then - and more than once. :)

I've met the usual suspects - nice folks, nasty folks, just plain weird folks. Those with agendas, those with hormones, those who you just want to fold up and put in your pocket to keep them safe.

The best part - yes apart from the nice folks - is the learning and building. That's just really really neat. And one day I'll get good at it.

In the meantime I remain in awe of the minds and talent in this place and astounded at those who just don't get it. With any luck the next year will be even better. :)

Consider this an enormous thank you to the friends who make this place welcoming, the artists and builders who share their visions with me and the Lindens who make it possible for me to encounter all of them.


Lunette Fouroux said...

Hope you had a wonderful rezz day!!!

Honour said...

Thank you!

chestnut rau said...

I missed this post. Sorry. Happy rez day Honour. SL is a better place because you are there.

Honour said...

ahhhhhhhh Thank you!