Sunday, March 9, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've been fussing for a while about the fact that if I added up all the land I own - it would be almost a full Region. But it's in pieces and spread across 5 regions.

So yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and put almost all of it up for sale. My thinking is I sell it and then buy an island - just think how much puttering I could do with an island!

Overnight I kept thinking that I would miss my neighbours. Where ever I buy land I seem to luck out with my neighbours. And I won't have any on an island.

Almost enough to make me think what I should do is sell part of my land and use the proceeds to buy up the rest of the sim where the garden is (the garden is now half a sim).

Too late. I accepted an offer on the garden. Boy it's tough. I have spent my entire SL life on that parcel - growing it, building on it, learning on it.



Now if you'll excuse me, I have almost 6000 objects to sort out in my inventory. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh, I was going to go shopping in your garden when I got more Lindens. Oh well, I will come when your island is up and running. :)

(Sorry if this gets posted twice. Blogger is being finicky today.)

Honour said...

Sorry - I meant to give people a bit of notice by talking about it in here but the garden sold very quickly. I will add you to the launch notification list and I'll also be talking about it in blog posts. :)