Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sigh ....

Some days it's just hard not to take it personally. I logged in this morning and did my usual tour 0f the various parcels I somehow acquired. At the end of my tour I crossed the road into the last parcel and got the message that it was damage enabled.

Huh? My land is not damage enabled. I started to go back and then realized it really was my parcel. But it was damage enabled. It was also streaming music I hadn't chosen (I like my bird song). It was also listed in Search - not my decision. It had a new name too and a new description.

The name and description weren't totally unfamiliar to me - they belong to a large parcel on a nearby sim - not adjacent to me mind you - but on the other side of two large parcels.

And of course to make it even better - that parcel has a ..... shall we say more risque business and clientele than my little garden. A major part of the name is "Passion".

Now it's really early in the morning but I do recognize that this is out of the ordinary and conclude that a formal bug report is probably warranted. That means JIRA. I do not like JIRA. A less intuitive tool would be very hard to find.

And speaking of finding - I rarely can. Find JIRA that is. I wind up going to support and then searching on the term JIRA and then using a link in one of the responses.

I finally find it and login - and then find the "new issue" button and then start filling it in. I really don't think that my video card is playing any role in this situation - or my RAM but I'm easy to get along with and I fill the darn thing in.

Then I figure I should test a few things so I leave the report in the middle and go back and test with different viewers and the same things happens. So I change the category of the report cause there's no point blaming the new viewer.

Then I take a screen shot - cause maybe they'll believe me if I do. Not that I think you can see anything.

So I've told them everything I can think of and I submit the bug report. Then I hope something happens. Well an hour later something does.

Turns out this has been happening to people for months and the lindens can't fix it cause they can't duplicate it.

So somebody takes my carefully crafted report and merges it with an old one so it's not there anymore - all my hard work, grumble. Then they ask me how it happened - well how the hell do I know. I wasn't there.

Then I try to come in and use the soapbox of my blog to vent and make myself feel better - and get an error screen cause google is taking a vacation.


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