Sunday, April 13, 2008

Avatar Rendering Cost

Once again definitive proof that I'm really boring. I used the Dazzle tool to see my avatar's score and I rate a whopping 249. If I put on the two navajo bead bracelets I like - I soar all the way to 322. I'll stop worrying about stripping to ease lag when I go to Paisley's show. :)

And. I. do. not. hate. the. blue. In fact, I quite like it.


Anonymous said...

And you look great! I'd say you are AHEAD of the curve. :)

I'll have to try the Dazzle viewer one of these days. I doubt my old Mac can handle it, though.

Honour said...

lol sweet of you to say - but I'm sure I'm just scoring this low cause I don't like shopping. :)

Try Dazzle - if you're using a recent version you'll be able to handle it.

I like the performance of it as well - so maybe you'll have a pleasant surprise. :)