Monday, April 14, 2008

Sometimes I think ..............

I do ponder some of the deeper questions - but it's often after reading other blog entries trying to convince me of great metaphysical truths. Usually I'm too busy to ponder much of anything.

Having said that - one theme that runs through a lot of the deep philosophical musings is the difference between SL and real life. A sidebar in these soliloquies is often - Why do people replicate rl in SL? Why does so much in SL have to look like rl?

Just a few random thoughts of my own:

  • SL and real life are a lot alike. The content of both is created by the users (it's just that in real life Mother Nature seems to be one of the biggest users). We (I'm restricting this to the great giant collective computer using portion of the world - not the starving ignored millions who don't have that option - and that's a whole other topic ) have created a world in real life to suit ourselves - so we must like a lot of it. We build what we like in SL. (The only excuse for malls in SL that I can come up with.) The fact is that there are people who push the proverbial envelope and create new and extra-ordinary things in SL. We have them in real life too - they're the artists/inventors/authors/musicians/etc. SL gives them a new canvas and we get the benefits.

  • SL gives me the tools to at least attempt to create what I can dream. I don't care how much talent you could give me in real life - it wouldn't help me be able to do that. One thing I like about SL is that it's a level playing field - we all have access to the same tools. What differentiates us is our dreams and our willingness to learn those tools so we can make the effort to create them.

  • I'd like to think that someday I'll have a scathingly brilliant idea which will advance the metaverse in some amazing way. In the meantime I'll plod along learning to build by gardening - cause I enjoy it.

I was going to add a snarky line at the end - but I won't. I will suggest that those who can't understand why the whole world (either of them) doesn't think like they do..... really need to get a grip.

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