Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3...2...1...shhhhhhhhhhh Launch

It's not finished - but then it never really will be finished. But it's open. Aintree Gardens on Aintree the island. I'm just starting to write the ads etc. In the meantime welcome - but consider it a work in progress. :)

At some point I'll have a party - I'll let you all know.


chestnut rau said...

It looks just great Honour. Congratulations! Your trees are very realistic.

cyberloom said...

Whispers...Wow weeeee! Congratulations!
Cheers cyberloom

Honour said...

Thank you both! I'm surprised at the extent of my "stage fright" when I opened it. :)

Wrath Paine said...

There are TONS of good looking items there, Honour - nicely done!! I am personally fond of the teleporting system - graphically represented with less reading involved - I'm so there! lol

Beautiful work, and I happened to catch one of those infamous sunsets while I was browsing - brought a tear to my eye, it did. Well, that and my stupid allergies, probably, from walking around so many blooming flowers, hehe.

Oh, and the water tower? Even more impressive up close, wow!

Honour said...

lol You are good for my ego friend. :)