Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When it works!

I wasn't going to do any more plant textures until I had the island launched - but..............I had really wanted to have a lavender in the (admitedly incomplete) herb garden and I finally took a good photo. So I spent a looooooooong time in my photo editor and got what I hoped for. :) whew!

I'm sleep deprived for a number of reasons so I'm going to go and try and get some real rest. Back to building tomorrow.


Wrath said...

You have really mastered that photo editing software, Honour! Dang. That's sharp.

Now, when can we expect the small to mid-size leafy green trees? (drool)


Honour said...

Thank you darlin! There are trees in the queue - and you get a sample of all of them. I promise :)