Friday, August 21, 2009

Checking up on Wrath!

Every now and then I think I should go and check on Wrath Paine. He's been pretty much a mystery man (or ghost) for months now and I just want to make sure everything seems OK. I went to his parcel and the helicopter is still there .... albeit in a different colour. Well it might actually be a different helicopter but I can't tell. What has changed is his view.

I'm thinking he's going to keep this place for a while. :)


Wrath said...

Hey, I logged in the other day, and actually chatted with friends in person who showed up as soon as I rezzed, LOL. (And usually when I log in, I change the helicopter colours just so people know I was there, heh.) Unfortunately, I was having a serious lag issue that evening, so didn't stick around long. But then, what else is new. ;-)

Honour McMillan said...

Well just so you know I am watering the palms just in case :)