Friday, August 7, 2009

The Diversity Hunt!

The Diversity Hunt starts tomorrow (August 8) and goes to September 9. I know this because Aintree Gardens and Drama Dolls are both included!

This will be a grid wide hunt but not an enormous one - and, as an interesting twist, there are five streams you can follow.

To quote Huntress Catteneo (who has done a huge amount of work setting this up):

  • This hunt is designed so that you can go out and find the items you most want from our terrific vendors. Just pick the colour path that corresponds to what you seek and begin your journey along the rainbow.

  • Don’t panic, you can walk down every path if you like, or you can stick to just one, the paths cross at some spots, so you can even change the one you are following if the whim takes you.

  • The hunt runs from the 8th of August until the 9th of September, so you almost have a week to spend on each path if you want to follow them all. There is no cost to join this hunt.
The paths are as follows:
  1. RED: Women’s fashion - clothes, hats, jewellery, basically anything you normally wear on an avatar
  2. BLUE: Men’s, unisex, or general humanoid stuff (Neko, furries etc) - Fashion and accessories not specifically for women and including shoulder pets, wings, tails, etc
  3. PURPLE: Furniture - all your normal household stuff, buildings, including such things as gazebos
  4. GREEN: Plants/landscape – Plants (+ plant textures), fountains, outdoor furniture and bridges
  5. ORANGE: Mystery – Textures, Art, and anything we can't categorize elsewhere

And in case it's not obvious :) Aintree will be on the Green path and Drama Dolls on the Orange. The hunt will start at: The Tiger Peak Shop You don't have to belong to a group to do the hunt but information will be shared in the Hunt2Hunt group and on the (still under construction) website. At the end of each path you get a cute wearable angel (I'm wearing the one from the Mystery Path). Each path's angel attaches in a different place so you could wear all five if you wanted. :)

It's surprisingly hard to decide what to put in the hunt object for gifts - I keep changing my mind. I think I'll wind up with two items. :) Now I just have to figure out where to put the angels for the hunters.

I'm looking forward to the Hunt and hope you'll all come join (and tell your friends)! :)

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