Monday, September 14, 2009

A Musical Mix - Niles Compton and Crap Mariner

I was listening/watching the tape of last night's episode of Paisley Beebe's television show, mostly because I wanted to hear Crap's segment about Tunes in SL. Along the way I enjoyed the segment about the book "The Unofficial Guide to Building Your Business in the Second Life Virtual World" and I'll look to buy a copy. Then, in the usual musical segment, Paisley introduced Niles Compton.

Well........I obviously don't get out enough because I had never heard of him. Niles is a country music singer and last night did a cover of Vince Gill's "If You Ever Have Forever in Mind". I was blown away. I even rewound and listened a few more times and I was still blown away. His smooth, polished and professional voice did more than justice to this bluesy country song. Niles is scheduled to be at the Gaslight on Sunday night at 8:00 pm SLT and I plan to go. You should too! If you don't believe me click on the link to last night's show and give a listen. And if anybody in Niles' camp is reading this - I think a YouTube video of him doing this song would be a really really good idea. :)

If you know Crap Mariner then you know he is has been working on the Tunes in SL project to support live music in SL. If you have heard him in "voice" then you know that when he cares about something he starts speaking fast. The more passionate he is the faster he speaks and he is very passionate about live music in SL. :)

I won't try and speak for Crap here. I will say that he is less than happy about the Linden Lab's efforts in the area of supporting live music. I will also make a suggestion to whichever TV show wishes to address the issue (Metanomics maybe?) that they host a discussion between Crap and a senior Linden. I say a "senior Linden" because it should be somebody with the authority to actually move forward on anything that is seen as a positive initiative. I've seen one sided monologues from both sides on this topic - would be nice to have them talk to each other. Now that would be "must see" TV. :)


R. said...

If it is not a senior Linden, I will tell them to go read the report card I gave to Colossus and get their mommy or daddy.


for Paisley Beebe said...

Wasn't he just! I booked Niles sight unseen....I think...I can't remember how he got on the show to be honest, I have a very wide taste in Music, but know nothing about country Music at all, but boy what a spot-on incredible note perfect voice he has!, It just goes to show the depth of Talent on this platform and that you sometimes have to give someone you have never heard of a chance you might find a Diamond! I book musicians on Talent not popularity and thats been a wonderfull part of discovering so much Talent which is why Im surprised when people say that SL has a huge amount of untalented Musicians....maybe its that they are not looking in the right places.

Believe me I had to really concentrate hard on Craps dialogue in fact Im going to go back right now to see what he in fact said..he should be a race caller :) I think the suggestion you have about having a "high" Linden on a show to debate SL Music with Crap would certainly be something to watch, but I suspect the line from Linden Lab would be confirm nothing, suggest nothing & Act interested....However its always fun sport to watch em squirm though isn't it :)

H said...

While I agree that there's not enough support for live music in SL, I've come to learn that sometimes it's beyond one's official control due to copyrights and so on. Often it requires someone like Crap to take up the reigns and do something enough on a level which avoids legal implications. It can get ugly with music rights (esp cover artists), agent fees and such when the artist grows and tip jars and $L/hr no longer suffice. It may well be that the Lindens' hands are tied as their involvement would not be seen as fair use or even free advertising by the industry mainstream. You are far more valuable to SL musicians than one would think Crap, and I think LL sees that and may be inwardly grateful.

R. said...


I'm just a mad dog that will ultimately get two scoops of Shotgun Bran for a complete and lethal breakfast one day.


Anonymous said...

Niles is an incredibly talented artist. He blows me away every time I hear him and I must be in the several hundreds by now. He is a true professional and its a priviledge to be able to listen to him sing. And he's a great guy too. The SL music landscape got a lot richer the day he started singing here. If you haven't heard him you really must look for one of his shows. I'll be there :))