Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Von Johin is back!

So after a month's hiatus Von Johin is back! It was pure pleasure listening to him at Prim Economy tonight. I missed the first two concerts he did last week but nothing could have kept me away any longer. Terrific blues with a few Grateful Dead songs thrown in.

That's DZ Questi and I dancing to the music (she always has the best dances, luckily she shares). :)

It was a good night...have to love SL when you can dance to a blues musician from Nashville with an elf, somebody in a bikini and a goth angel. I even had a brief conversation with Wrath Paine - something on TV prevented him from joining us (typical). I'd link to his blog but he's housecleaning - nothing to see right now. Still it was good to connect again.

Thank you Von - I needed this. :)

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