Friday, February 26, 2010

SL Pro 1.0 and Viewer 2.0

Natural Venus by Guu Nishi

I went to SL Pro this week - and it's just as exhausting to go to an inworld conference as it is one in real life. Less travel time though. :)

Most of the pics in this post are from the building competition, these and all of the other great builds will be available for public viewing next week and I'll try and remember to update this post with the Slurl when that happens. They're well worth a visit!

Seussian Game by DoctorPartridge Allen

I'm very very glad I went to the conference. It was well attended and although, just like real life, the presentations varied in quality I got at least one nugget of an idea out of all of them. The really good presentations resulted in pages of things I want to do. I will go again next year if at all possible - and assuming I've managed to cross off most of the items on this year's list. :)

Entrance to Nemo's Lair by Sextan Shepherd

One of the very nice things about being at the conference is that we experienced Viewer 2.0 as a group. In fact, once T Linden had finished his presentation (which was really good) most of the group chat consisted of "has anybody found.....", "does anybody know....." and "how do you.....". This shortened the initial learning curve for all of us.

Nemo's Underwater Office by Sextan Shepherd

I like the new viewer and, unlike some apparently, I think it will be easier for newbies than the rest of us. They won't spend time looking for things they expect to find elsewhere. It is Beta so interesting glitches occur but some of the new stuff is exciting.

Troy Vogel

Web on a prim will be useful to me in the store but I'm waiting for the first fashion designer to put videos on clothing prims. SL fashion may never be the same. :)

Sagittarius Prefab by Troy Vogel

So yes, it was a good (albeit exhausting) week. I feel motivated, I've learned things and I have lots of new ideas. That's worth the price of admission to me.

One last thing, Glenn Linden proved that you can not only lose your shoes but also your feet, pants and legs. :)

Update: I promised to share the Slurls when the site was open to the public. So for your exploring pleasure:

SL Pro! Welcome Center

Full Build Challenge Entries
Inspiration Island
RIT Island
La Plaza
Sonas Cascades

Limited Prim Challenge Entries
Marziah Masala --
Ruuh Cassini --
Hackshaven Harford --
Catherine Soderstrom --
Lyr Lobo --
Guu Nishi --
Troy Vogel --
Bronco Graves --
DoctorPartridge Allen --
Kidnaplism Freschi --
Phate Shepherd --
Vivienne Daguerre --
sextan shepherd--
Cierra Anatine --
Rafale Kamachi --
Chanty Bolissima --
Rusalka Writer --
Thursday Xu --

Linden Homes 100 Prim Challenge Entries

Shared Media Challenge Sandboxes

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