Monday, February 1, 2010

Lemondrop's Forest & Photon's Castle

I played hooky this morning (my todo list is ugly) and went to visit an island I'd seen mentioned in a couple of places. I really should check out the Showcase occasionally....I'd have learned of Lemondrop's Forest earlier. :)

I love colour and I love detail and great builds, so yes I love Lemondrop's Forest. Fabulous, intricate and with lots of places to explore. I even had a brief "fangurl" conversation with Lemondrop Serendipity.

I had a random thought as I wandered around though...good thing Second Life wasn't available in the 60's. A lot of people would not have survived their's say chemically enhanced trips. :)

Lemondrop's Forest is owned by the High Energy Whimsy Lab and one of the members is Photon Pink. If you look west on the map from this island you will see another that is definitely shaded pink. Teleport there and you'll find Photon's Castle.

Another sim full of colour and fantastical builds. In addition there are gadgets, avatar accessories and sculpty plants for sale. Well worth your time!

I took way too many pics for one blog post and I'm trying to restrain myself, but you can see more photos of both islands on my Koinup page. :)

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