Thursday, January 28, 2010

BladeRunner City in Second Life

OK so yes I'm feeling lousy today and certainly not productive. I decided to go exploring and accepted an invitation (a day late) from the Koinup group to visit an art installation in BladeRunner City. Sometimes you have to be reminded how glorious it can be inworld...if you're having that kind of day you really need to visit this two sim build.

From the Welcome notecard:

BLADERUNNER CITY 1 & 2 (a work in progress ) : conceived by BladeRunnerSPN1977 Sands and Blackmamba Sands, an attempt to build a 3D graphic representation of the passing from civilization state 0 to civilization state 1, on the virtual platform Second Life.

Incorporating some of the best alien-tech / sci-fi / cyberpunk / dystopian / post apoc style builds by SL's best and most innovative content creators.

Viewed as a tryptich suspended in space, and spread across two sims, The OffWorld Colonies comprise three levels intended to represent 3 stages in the Time Continuum: yesterday, tomorrow and the future.

Based on the underlying concepts and ideas raised in the movie "Blade Runner", and seeking to focus on the burning questions : who are we - why are we here - where are we going ?

I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail and everywhere I looked I found something unexpected and fabulous. There is art exhibited in a number of locations, like this piece by BlackMamba Sands.

This installation of works by Kirby Sattler is intriguing not only because of his talent but also the juxtaposition of his vision with the exhibit space.

In addition to the exhibits, art is displayed in corridors and on the walls next to multi-media presentations.

There is also music! BlackMamba Sands is a talented musician and you can sample and buy her music from studios on both sims.

But most importantly (to me) there is this amazing build. The two sims make a cohesive unit but are very different. BladeRunnerCity 2 is a real challenge to my height phobia - but I survived. I'm the small black dot on the transparent orange walkway in this photo.

I know this is a pic heavy post - but I've tried to restrain myself. There is just so much to see! I've loaded most of the photos I took to Koinup if you'd like more. :)

Remember that command station I was controlling at the start? We're heading to the future.

One word of caution - the sim boundary is pretty treacherous. The good news is that you land somewhere interesting. :)


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