Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unbending the Gender of a Doll Cozy

When I first designed the Doll Cozies I really liked the idea of a naked androgynous (or at least non gender specific) doll. After all, if it was good enough for OokPik it was good enough for the Cozies. Then this past month I created both a Santa Cozy and a New Year Cozy. It made sense to dress both of them - made them look more festive. It seemed like an innocuous enough thing to do....I certainly didn't expect it to create mayhem in the Cozy ranks!

When I arrived inworld yesterday I was greeted with a message from "The Doll Cozy Shop Steward". "The what?" I thought to myself. The message went on to say that the Cozies had had a meeting and demanded (wtf?) benefits equal to those handed out to Santa. Apparently the rest of the Doll Cozies felt humiliated being left naked in public whilst Santa and New Year got to strut around with suits on.

Now I don't actually believe there's a United Doll Cozies of Second Life organization. And I'm pretty sure they'd have trouble "walking" off the job. But I do believe they could mess with their scripts and since I find scripts problematic at the best of times I gave in and started making an outfit for the rest of the Cozies.

However, a generic suit of clothes was not good enough. (I really don't need this aggravation!) It turns out that the Doll Cozies have a strong sense of gender identification (I'm putting this down to hormones). Not only did I have to create clothes (and each Cozy insisted on its own outfit) but I had to create a male and female version for each type of Cozy.

You know the real reason they may have insisted on male and female versions of themselves is that there are now twice as many of them. However, if they think this will allow them to get away with making any more trouble they're in for a surprise. I have a few demands of my own now and if they don't live up to the terms of the bargaining agreement they'll get demoted to seagulls.

It took two long days of work but the Cozies (yes both the men and women) are now dressed and back at work. You're welcome to view the results of the uprising on Taylor Bay. I'm going to go have a rest and put this nightmare behind me.


Anonymous said...

*grin* i have more things to whisper to the Cozies. (boots, shoulder pets, dance animations...) they are absolutely ADORABLE!!! such fashionistas!

Honour McMillan said...

pffft I'll put up a picture of a seagull - they'll stay quiet.

Cristopher Lefavre said...

/me smiles an evil grin, it seems the AI module in their script is finally waking up to life! Just warning you Honour; those little buggers can do more than you think. Good thing you made such great outfits; that will certainly keep them calm for a while:-)

Honour McMillan said...

/me sighs - scripters are evil!