Thursday, January 14, 2010

It might be SLevolution!

Serendipity plays a large part in our SLives and this morning was a good example. I've been working hard and was not interested in building or fighting with software today so I thought I'd surf the blogs. I accidently hit the "next blog" button at the top of this page and wound up on a blog entitled [][]Trap[][]. The top post announced the release of a new skin called Chromatic...think of a tattoo that glows. :)

Now I'd been thinking about skins and so I thought I'd go look at something that seemed really interesting. I wound up on a sim called The Twilight - one of those neat builds you run into all over the grid and a lot more inviting than your usual mall. I found the Trap store and the skins and they looked really cool. Lots of choices (except for pale skin, the glow effect apparently doesn't look very good on them), this picture shows 1/3 of the female skins and there are male ones as well.

Around about this time my friend Ahuva dropped in to show me her new ensemble from Bare Rose (it's called Lady Salamander I think). It's a neat outfit - flames shoot out and a transparent heart rotates. It's her in other words. :)

We were both looking at the skins and I wasn't going to buy one (or two I guess, they come bundled in two's) because it's a little expensive for something I'm not going to wear every day. And then I thought - why not? Why not change my look? Honour is pretty boring and I really do like the skins. So I bought the Rose/Red pair.

I like this...and I don't have to change my hair. :)

Ahuva bought the gold/desert pair of skins and looks stunning!

Just to balance out her Bare Rose extravaganza I took a photo of me in one of my Rfyre outfits. :)

So there you have it - the new Honour. I'll always find a way to justify a purchase. :)


Cristopher Lefavre said...

Classical, mystical and exciting:-)

Peter Stindberg said...

I did not think Honour looked boring, but the new skin is definitely pretty cool.

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you both!