Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti - A gentle reminder

The national flag of Haiti flies over my tower for the time being...if you want one Cris is giving them away. Flying this flag doesn't actually help anybody of course, it just means I'm thinking of them.

I've read in various blogs and tweets and news items that some feel that the extreme poverty in Haiti somehow means they don't deserve help. Or the fact that they speak french. Or that somehow the usual "victims are to blame" ethos should reign supreme.

/me sighs

If you aren't taking the low road on this and you are in a position to donate even a small amount to the relief efforts I would encourage you to do so. Events are being organized inworld and there are a variety of avenues in Real Life to contribute. I realize that not everybody keeps extra Lindens in their Avatar's account so, for the Canadians amongst you, I thought I would provide a couple of useful links.

Even if you are not in a position to contribute funds I would encourage you to volunteer with one of the events being held inworld. At the very least I would encourage you to ignore the ugly comments and individuals and hope the day never comes that you need their help.

just saying............

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