Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mulligan, Elusyve and Wrath

Mulligan turns 17 today! She's not as fast as she used to be but she can still outrun the dogs. She still steals covers, stands on her head and insists on bringing me toys at 2:00 in the morning so we can play. Not a great photo but she really doesn't think it's her job to pose. :)

I missed two important rez days in February! My bad! Elusyve Jewell and Wrath Paine both turned 3 and I meant to do something but seem to have lost a month somehow. Elusyve is a beautiful and fashionable elf who writes very well and takes photographs that make me want to hate her. Wrath has been too busy with his secret agent work in RL to visit much, but he knows he's missed. My best wishes to both of you and I'm truly grateful you are part of my Second Life!


Wrath said...

I love whenever my name is mentioned in such wonderful company.

Happy 3rd Rez Day Elusyve!! (How many is that in Canadian years?)
Happy 17th Birthday Mulligan!! (How many is that in SL years?)

And a very special thank you to you, Honour! :-)

Honour McMillan said...

I'm sorry I didn't mention this on the actual rez day! The best laid plans ........... etc.

I hope things are going well for you! :)

Honour McMillan said...

ps I also meant to say that Wrath is beautiful and fashionable but not an elf. :)