Sunday, April 4, 2010

SL Sunday Show & Tell

I usually work on Sundays so I rarely get to the Show and Tell in Avaria which is a shame. If you've never been you must check it out next Sunday at 2:00 PM slt (and every Sunday at that time). It's a chance for people to show the things they've been working on and make everybody else feel inadequate (OK I'm the only one who winds up feeling inadequate, you'll be fine).

This week there was a spectator I don't remember seeing before. Nobody got stomped or munched so I assume he's friendly.

Selene Putzo demonstrated her new chair and table sets. What's interesting here is that each table and each chair are one prim. She made them using Sculpt Studio which is the inworld tool and allows you to join bits and pieces and still have a one prim object when you're finished.

Lillith Siamendes brought something she's been working on called "Mayan Build". It speaks to the varying forecasts of RL doom and will eventually show that we make our own paths and determine the outcomes ourselves.

Frofidor Niekerk did a demonstration of his "light sabres on steroids" (well that's my description of them). For the truly macho amongst your warrior friends these will be a "must have". They have really cool detail on the hilts and great animations/sound effects.

Renata Topaz showed us her first build.........yes, first build. If you're like me, your first 20 builds were plywood boxes. Not Renata. sigh

Show & Tell is also a competition with the audience voting for their favourites. 3rd Prize today went to Chrysanthus Seuss who has turned into a Wizard and, therefore, needed a way to control particles. This is a HUD based controller with 8 emitters which you can modify as you wish and save various settings for the appropriate occasion.

It is SciFi month apparently and that famous Tiny Bloodsong Termagant was challenged to build a personal transporter. It's very cool and won 2nd Prize! You can change the colours and that changes the trail as well as the little ship. You haven't lived til you've seen a Tiny do a 360 in one of these.

First prize went to Prana Krutschek's book. Not just any book mind you. It's a 1 prim book that rezzes so quickly you have to keep turning the pages just to prove it to yourself. If you're an artist or creator who wants an easy way to hand people your portfolio this is it! He's building a HUD version which will allow you to use it where rezzing is not permitted. This book blew us all away.

It was a good show and I wish I could get there more often. :)

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