Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Perils of Owning an Island in Second Life

I did my usual check on Taylor Bay this morning for litter and discarded prims and found an unexpected floating island. 637 m in the air was this grass lawn with a teleporter on it belonging to a complete stranger. This was not a newbie though, he's almost as old as I am and an ex mentor. Usually I just return things but I thought I'd find out if the person really thought they were going to live there.

[7:48] Honour McMillan: Good Morning! ( my time) So you decided to move onto my island? Any particular reason? :)

[7:49] Stranger: Hi :D

[7:49] Stranger: oO

[7:49] Stranger: What is the name of your island ?

[7:49] Honour McMillan: lol are you on more than one? Taylor Bay :)

[7:50] Stranger: Oh yeah Taylor bay x)

[7:50]Stranger: You can delete everything...I forget :/

[7:50] Honour McMillan: I'll return it to you

[7:50] Stranger: I juste needed an island for a few minutes and i found your island

[7:50] Stranger: I'm very sorry x)

[7:51] Honour McMillan: no problem - if you wish to use it in the future just let me know first :) I have a sandbox for some friends (also French) - we could make arrangements

[7:51] Stranger: Ok...Thank you :D But I don't think i will have to use your sandbox

[7:52] Honour McMillan: OK :)

[7:52] Stranger: It was just a qui ck solution for me

[7:52] Stranger: (and excuse me for my bad bad bad english :P)

[7:52] Honour McMillan: It's better than my french :)

[7:52] Stranger: haha :P

Not a nasty encounter - just one of those odd moments that happen in SL. :)

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