Thursday, July 29, 2010

Altya's Dream Creations, A Fortune Quest and SL Absurdities

It started as most afternoons in SL do, with me working hard on serious stuff. (No really! You can stop laughing any time now.) I got an IM from Ahuva Heliosense to say that Calli thinks I should have her Avatar. The "Calli" in question would be the fabulous SL Artist Callipygian Christensen and even though I was a bit nervous I decided to go see what was up.

Calli tp'd us to a cart on Car Wash stocked by Altya's Dream Creations where we each purchased a Jarhead Unibike Avatar for the enormous price of L$10. This is a loss leader price, it costs much more at the main store but at that price you're going to try them right?

It's very cool! A working horn and shiny wheels and you attract a lot of attention. :) We had bystanders watching us as we took our group photos (you just know they were saying admiring things about us to themselves).

Interesting quirks this av has - if you're wearing shoes when you put it on the shoes are mounted to the front of the bike. If, like Ahuva, you're wearing prim feet, well...............

There was an lm for the main store in the avatar folder so I went to see what else they have (see the loss leader cart works!). Lots of cool toys and stuff and at the back something really really interesting. At least I think it's interesting.

You know how people (starting with the guy with the chickens) have found ways to generate ongoing revenue streams from the same customers by required purchases of food etc., to keep your purchased pet "alive"? Not my thing, I have enough of them in real life. However, I will buy in to the idea of a Fortune Quest.

From the notecard on offer at the store:

Fortune Quest

What is Fortune Quest?

Fortune Quest is a challenging treasure hunt aided by clues made by us for a single item hidden somewhere in Second Life.
These clues will be made available for purchase on the day they are released and will only
remain for sale for 24 hours.
After 24 hours have passed the clue will be made available for FREE.
There will also be a simple H.U.D made available for purchase and although it is not needed to play the game it will be needed to claim the prize.
But the H.U.D can also help greatly in finding the item by letting you know if you have arrived in the correct sim/region that has the hidden Fortune.
This means that there is a chance that even during your normal travels you may stumble across the correct sim/region that the fortune is hiding in!!!


The price for the H.U.D and the clues will be kept VERY low so that it’s affordable for everyone to play.

L$15 for the clue
L$25 for the H.U.D

A new H.U.D will have to be purchased for each new game.
Again a portion of each sale will go towards growing the final prize as the game grows and continues to grow with each new player.


We wanted to create a game/hunt that is both truly challenging, enjoyable to play yet
not just another hunt that has you hopping from store to store down a predetermined list while filling your inventory with items you may or may not like.
With this hunt the prize is LINDEN DOLLARS that you can spend as you wish.


Fortune quest is brought to you by Altya’s Dream Creations which also funds the initial prize.
But it does not stop there. A portion of EACH clue sold will also go towards the prize constantly growing as the game evolves.


The game is ready to start NOW but we wish to gather enough interest in it first before we start.
The more people that know about it the greater it will become.
With that in mind we have provided a Second Life Group for you to join as well as an alternative group joiner that does NOT take up any of your valuable group slots.
The Primary Second Life Group will also become the official group for players to discuss and share ideas about the clues.
We will use these groups to contact you in the future with more information related to Future Quest ONLY.
We also don’t like spam :)

Well that sounds intriguing - enough that I subscribed and will try the first game when it starts. Go check out Altya’s Dream Creations - they have some cool stuff and you might like the game too. :)




Credit for the build acting as a backdrop for my first photo goes to Moonbase - it seemed like an appropriate place for that avatar. It also looks like a sim I'll have to go spend some time exploring. :)


Cristopher Lefavre said...

Eeek! That looked really spooky!

(Immediately reminded me about C.S.Lewis' "That Hideous Strength" (third in his Space Triology, far, far away from Narnia indeed!).)

But I am sure you had a lot of fun!

Honour McMillan said...

*grins* It had a horn so yes it was lots of fun! :)

Dale Innis said...

haha great pictures; that is one of my favoritest stores ever!


Honour McMillan said...

You always find the cool places first :)

Dale Innis said...

I didn't find those jar-unicycles, though! :)