Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Risk City in Second Life

I've spent the past two days pondering weighty philosophical matters. Gack! I have to check with the prosecutor but I suspect a new session of Rough Justice will be forthcoming.

To clear my head and get back to one of my favourite things about Second Life I went to visit Risk City.

This build by SuzeLaRousse Milo should appeal to the art lovers, explorers, photographers and adventurers amongst us. It's fabulous!

I know there's a Risk City store and she does sell lots of different things on XStreet but I couldn't tear myself away from the landscape.

I met quite a few residents while I wandered around the place and every one of them said it was a build they return to over and over. If you haven't visited yet you really should drop by. :)

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Cyberloom said...

Oooh I love these photos Honour! Now I am intrigued and must visit!