Monday, December 13, 2010

The Tinies Spread Second Life Cheer

I took a break from my ice cave (more about that at a later time) to go to the Metanomics taping today. It was a good show and you should check it out when you have time.

The highlight for me though happened before the show started. A Choir of Tinies from Raglan Shire serenaded us with carols and it was a fabulous experience. This was my first opportunity to hear them and I was totally smitten. The Choir visits sites all over the grid at this time of year to share their songs and make people smile - if you get a chance to hear them please take it. You won't be sorry! Their special lyrics and their River Dance will brighten your life. :)

I took a crappy photo and didn't manage to write down all of their names and I apologize for both failures. But I did find this video from last year which will give you just a taste of their magic.


Teal Freenote said...

Thank you Honour. We enjoy carolling around the grid this time of year to bring a smile to all. Merry Wootmas from the Tinies of Raglan Shire.

R. said...

They stopped by Piper Point and The Yak the other night. They were most amusing and delightful.


Jenn Forager said...

Thanks, Honour for mentioning this. Tammy Nowotny, Metanomics Volunteer Extraordinaire, arranged for Teal and her crew to sing last Monday.

Thanks to all of them for a truly wonderful moment shared.