Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Days to Go!

It has been a long three month process - one which culminates with the launch of new products and a new store on Wednesday. At least that is the plan and, since sleep is highly over-rated, I'm sure we'll make it. :)

Whatever the result, however the new products are received, the process has been well worth the head scratching, pacing, muttering and hair pulling. Not just because of the slow crawl up the learning curve. The best part, of course, was the people who helped me make this project actually proceed and (with any luck) succeed. I want to take this opportunity to say a few things before the big launch announcement.

First of all, thank you to Dale Innis who said "this looks like a career" and made me really think about the size of the project and what it was going to take to make it work.

Thank you also to Wrath Paine and Jon Ree who both said "This looks really great! But what do I know.". They are both such "guys" and I love them for it. :)

Thank you to Crap Mariner who did not "crap" all over the newborn idea. That meant a lot!

Thank you to Raul Crimson who helped me solve a problem I was having giving something a name. Seriously, HTPM will remain an acronym in my vocabulary for the rest of my life!

A huge thank you to Peter Stindberg and Babel Translation (currently celebrating their second anniversary)! This is a highly interactive product and it made no sense for it to only work in English. Peter and his team have made it possible for the items to work in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian and Japanese.

When you need a translator you are at their mercy - you have to just assume that they know what they're doing. All of the feedback I've gotten, from those who have seen bits and pieces, is that the work of the Babel translators is superb. I am thrilled that they had my back on this! Any errors, ommissions or mistakes are mine alone.

A dozen x dozen thank you's go to Cris Lefavre. When I started this project I had two scripters in mind. One was too busy to even contemplate the size of the workload. The other chose that precise time to realize that real life really required some attention if he was actually going to finish his degree. sigh

One day I was building one of the items and Cris called - I invited him over to see what I was doing. Not only did he "get" it, he loved it. And, although I didn't realize it until that moment, he scripts.

Working with Cris on these items has been a joy. It's not been the traditional "you give me detailed specs and that's what I'll build" working process. It has been a truly collaborative effort - and many of the best things about these products were his idea and his creation. (He also translated everything into Norwegian so the new product works in a total of 10 languages!) The fact that he has the patience to deal with #*&$#%&* script is just one of his amazing qualities. Of course, putting up with my im's starting with the phrase "I've had this idea" is another one. :) I think Cris and I make a great team and I've enjoyed every minute working with him and I look forward to us exploring all the ideas we haven't had time for yet! Once we get some sleep! :) any errors, ommissions or mistakes in the items are mine.

Finally, I want to thank Ahuva Heliosense. She was there at the beginning when I got the idea for this marathon and she was there all of the way through. Everybody needs a cheerleader - I certainly do - and she is the best! The fact that I made it through the past three months is due in large part to her encouragement and enthusiasm!

Watch this space on Wednesday July 1 for the big launch announcement. But in the meantime put that date in your calendar. To celebrate the fact that we got it done, the brilliant blues man Von Johin will be giving two concerts on Taylor Bay. The first from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm SLT so that my friends in Europe can attend. The second from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm which might be a better time for many others.

And even if you think the new products are a complete yawn, or that the fact that I spent 3 months trying to get this done is uninteresting, well July 1st is Canada Day. And that's the only reason anybody needs to party! See you then! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Salvation in the form of a new SL Upgrade!

I've been dreading one aspect of packaging the new products for the July 1 launch. There is a LOT of content in the items and it's located in different prims. So hunting down all of the script etc. in each of about 70 items and then making sure that they were all no copy/modify was going to be a huge task. However............

..... the new viewer has a bulk contents permissions changer!!!! Yay! Go to the contents tab in an item and click on permissions. You still have to set the permissions at the top level of an object for basic copy/modify/transfer. But this page does all of the contents in one step.

I'm in love! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zindra is open!

I saw a plurk that said Zindra was open - so of course I went to look. Along with 60 other people. :) So many that I'll wait and go back when I have more time. The little bit I did see looks like a really neat build. Although it's part of the overall Zindra destination the location is actually Kama City on Mosh, which is one of the telehubs.

I stayed long enough to hear part of a voice debate on why the decor wasn't red rather than blue. Apart from the (as I heard) problem of too much red causing seizures, I'd say it would be a little too much of a cliche. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sometimes you need a boost!

I'm slogging through a "dry" portion of preparing for the launch on July 1 - lots of work to do, all of it is necessary but parts of it are a little tedious. :) So for extra energy I listen to the Yamato Drummers of Japan or Kodo - I love Kodo. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hunting Script Cost

I've mused before about script cost and I'm going to do it again. I mentioned the last time that I try and keep the total script cost on the island below 3 to minimize lag - and we do well, usually on or below 1.0, even with the two stores.

Jon's store, the Mustang Trading Post is part of the "Make Him Over" hunt and he's had a steady stream of visitors. So, as I work away in the sky, I've checked the island's script cost every now and then. And frankly I'm occasionally shocked. Hunters have arrived on the island with a personal script cost over 6.0 - wtf are they carrying around with them? It's no wonder there's talk of huge lag at some of the stores in the hunt.

So children .... a word of advice from Auntie Honour .... friends don't let friends cause lag. If you're hunting with somebody wearing 7 ao's and an untold number of scripted objects - take away their hunt maps until they strip down. It's the responsible thing to do. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

To err ....

I remember when I was a kid (yes many many years ago) seeing Nipsey Russell on some game show where he said:

To err is human,

To forgive divine,

is a message worth repeating.

But if the eraser runs out

before the pencil is finished,

better get rid of the person who's writing.

I'm making enough stupid mistakes that I think I'll take a night off. Maybe read a book. :)

Somebody littered!

It's been a while since I've found litter on Taylor Bay. But honestly now - does this look like a good landing spot to you? Kids these days ............ :)