My Travels Sorted By Maturity Rating

Parallel Worlds
Arwyn Quandry asked a good question on Plurk related to recommendations for teen accessible sims.  I realized that it's very rare for me to give the maturity rating of the sims I include in my posts and I decided to remedy that.  
I will start to include an indication of the maturity level in the blog posts and add all sims to the lists below so that it will be easier to find destinations in the various categories.
I can't guarantee that all links will remain active but if I'm notified that something has disappeared (or if the rating has changed) I will update the list. I will also commit to searching out more "General" rated sims.
The lists will give you the name of the destination, which will contain a link to the teleport page, and then a link to the original blog post.  They will not, however, be in alphabetical order.  :)