Monday, March 7, 2011

Extraordinary Parallel Worlds in Second Life

It's a good thing I don't think of myself as an "artist" because if I did the art I encounter in Second Life would quickly disabuse me of the notion. The installation I visited today would have made my ego go crawling off into a corner somewhere and suck its thumb.

Parallel Worlds by Claudia222 Jewell can be found far above Farstar New Earth. Set your sun to "midnight", put on a flight assist or feather (one is included with the notecard for those who don't have one) and teleport up to a truly superb creation.

I took dozens of photos but won't try your patience with them all (I did add some onto Koinup though). :) It's worth flying around and changing your angles to appreciate all of the wonder that she has created.

I am often inspired by a photograph I've seen on Koinup to go exploring in Second Life. On this occasion I watched a machinima by gaiaclary and had to go find the build. The combination of artist and machinimatographer was impossible to resist. Watch it yourself and then go visit Parallel Worlds.

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