Friday, March 11, 2011

Originalia Launches in Second Life

I spent a wonderful few hours at the inaugural art exhibition on Amase Levasseur's Originalia. The show Reverie fills an entire sim and consists of 4 artists with very different muses. It's a true must-see to explore and experience.

I began with RAG Randt's Second Life of Al - whimiscal, wonderful, humorous and in many cases animated works of art. Watching them brings joy (owning would be even better).

Eliza Wierwight has always been one of my favourites and her exhibit Aria just proves I have really good taste. :) She does give instructions for preferred windlight and water settings in her notecard - unfortunately I didn't have them so my photograph of the installation does not reflect the artist's intent.

Em Larsson's Temporal Dreams is a fusion of environment and individual pieces that combine in a midnight setting to move you through a walking dream. And I do mean walk - all of these installations are meant to be viewed as you move through them. Don't cheat yourself by camming or flying - you'll miss the impact of the artists' work.

My final experience on Originalia was Scottius Polke's Docks. I'm in awe. I hope it doesn't make the artist uncomfortable but all I could think of (apart from "omg this is good") was Van Gogh on acid. Update: I don't think I've explained this very well - some seem to think the blue images are photographs of "paintings". Not so! This is an installation covering about 1/4 of a sim, one you walk through and with which you interact. The fact that it looks like a piece of art you would hang on the wall is the result of Scottius' talent. :)

This is a fabulous new venue for art and the 4 artists in the inaugural exhibition are an indication to me, at least, that it should be around for a long time.

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Scottius Polke said...

Thanks so much for visiting the sim and writing about our art and installations, Honour!

Regarding my installation, I never thought as well that photos of it would be interpreted as actual paintings! Though as you mentioned, there is a Van Gogh feel to them, so can now see the confusion :)