Friday, March 25, 2011

Mulligan Can Finally Visit Zindra

Mulligan is 18 years old today. All 6 pounds of her. You'd think at her age she'd be a sedate grande dame but instead she's more like the juvenile delinquent I've always known.

I've given up worrying about feeding her the "right" things. Keeping her eating seems more important and she does eat about 4 times a day. The problem is that I keep misunderstanding what she's ordered off the menu and wind up having to throw stuff out and replace it. I'm apparently a very slow learner but in my own defense she changes her mind about what's good every day or so and I have trouble keeping up.

A few weeks ago she started yelling at me. It sounded like the usual call for some kind of protein so I fed her. She ate for a while and then started yelling again. This went on every 60 to 90 minutes for more than 24 hours. Nothing I did seemed to appease her.

Part way through the night I suddenly thought that maybe she was really sick and in pain. Maybe this was the end. The next day I happened to walk into my bedroom and saw a small something on the floor. It was a catnip bud.

Understand that one of the famous crops from here is BC Bud - the most powerful marijuana around. The same growing conditions produce the most potent catnip buds known. I had hidden a bag of them very carefully. She found them.

Mulligan wasn't sick or in pain. She was seeing dragons. My almost 18 year old cat was stoned out of her gourd. sigh

I've never known an animal who gets into as much mischief as she does and somehow she always winds up looking at me like I'm the one to blame.

So here's to Mulligan. Long may she drive me crazy. :)


Unknown said...

The human is ALWAYS to blame, trust me. She is a beautiful old girl - looks wonderfully healthy! And you are right to feed her whatever she wants and will eat. May you enjoy many more loving days together!!!


Theodore Nacht said...

This is so heart-warming. My heart was in my throat reading and hoping it all turned out okay. That your lovely girl just was tripping balls made me laugh aloud. What a great anecdote, and masterfully told.

Anonymous said...

Normally I don’t read or comment on anything personal in the feeds but this time I had to with that beautiful cat that actually looks like my cat Rah, he passed 3 years ago. I’m so happy that she is healthy, happy and loved.

Uccie Poultry said...

Happy Birfday, Mulligan! Here's to many more ... huzzah! All those feedings tells me that your human is well on her way to being properly trained. Now to get her to stop hiding your stash, right?

Hugs, Angus & Magdaline
(the cats that own Uccello)

Honour McMillan said...

Mulligan (who knows all the keyboard shortcuts ever devised and has managed to plurk, tweet and chat inworld) thanks you for all the comments.
She also made sure I noted that you have all taken her side.
Mulligan salutes Rah! and says he must have been gorgeous if he looked anything like her. :)

Momo said...

What a beautiful cat and what a story :)

We always have to remember: We all don't have cats, we are their personell... LOL.

May she stay healthy and bring joy and fun to you every day.

Noirran Marx said...

Happy Birthday Mulligan!

Honour McMillan said...

Mulligan is loving all the love and, of course, considers all the comments to be no more than she deserves. :)