Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There is a Clockwork Kingdom High Above Second Life

As has been the case lately, I was alerted by a photo on Koinup that there is something very special in the air above Custard Developments. You can't see it from the ground, at least not unless your vision extends more than 2,000 meters. High up in the atmosphere, so high that random bits of space rock are floating around, is the Clockwork Kingdom.

There are fabulous flying machines, shops, a park, sculptures and lots and lots of gears. Oh and rain here and there. I was a trifle concerned that the rain might be a bit acidic but the metal constructs seem more or less intact.

The Clockwork Kingdom is owned by Nightshade Sixpence (a 5,000 year old wererat who works as an alchemist on New Babbage). There are teleports available to other steampunk sims but you'll be too caught up in this one to leave quickly.

I found it hard to stop exploring the exteriors of the builds and actually go inside - but you really must. The interiors have some fabulous surprises and well thought out designs. When I get my airship I'm hiring the person who did this one. :)

There is a lot to see so you really have to give yourself some time to explore. One of my favourite finds was this little Tin Hen by mcarp Mavendorf. She's wonderful and, I hope, impervious to any possible damage from that rain.


R. said...

I'm most impressed by the windup key.

Most keys out there are:

- Too fancy and primmy
- A simple alpha texture that gets eaten by the alphas in trees
- Minimalist at 3 prims (which is what I prefer, based on Dedric's stem - Circle Circle design)

But they appear to have done it in 2 with a sculpty bow instead of two circles.

2-prim or greater bow cannot be a part of a multiprim object because you need both prims to turn on an axis, which ends looking bad.

But a 1-prim bow can rotate on its own on the object... WIN.


Honour McMillan said...

I took the photo from that angle just for you! I thought the key would be of interest. :)

Marianne McCann said...

The tin hen looks like Aley Resident's work. She's also been doing some great clockworks lately.

mcarp Mavendorf said...

The "Tin Hen" as you call or Robo Chicken as well call it was primmed by Aley Resident using Prim Oven. Aley is a wonderful master of low primness. The scripting and final assembly were mine.

mcarp Mavendorf

Honour McMillan said...

@mcarp Thank you for the correction! And I love your Robo Chicken :)