Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Revisiting Porto & An IWD Party in Second Life

I saw a photo by Torley Linden that reminded me I haven't been to Porto in a long time. I knew there would be changes since my last visit - but it continues to be a site full of fabulous art!

You need to wander around, explore with your feet or wings as well as your camera. Each different view and angle rewards you with treasures big and small.

On arriving I received a notecard from Maya Paris announcing a party this afternoon/evening to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Maya's party will have a Veparella theme - in common with all women she is a super hero. Her superpower? She can run with scissors. :)

Get your Veparella outfit here and then join the party (they're hoping to video). It starts at 3:00pm SLT and continues til they drop.

Men are not being left out - they are invited as well and asked to wear their heels. :) If you haven't visited Veparella you should - it's a fun adventure. Once you're dressed you can find the party here. There will be free flying Baba-Broomsticks, gallons of Chateau de Vep and tap-dancing apples!

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