Saturday, March 5, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Shopping & A Dragon in Second Life

I saw a photo of a truly exquisite avatar and was compelled to add it to my inventory. Yes that avatar is now mine but before I could spend time doing vanity shots to show it off I got distracted by the sim and fell in love. You must go poke around Ponkotsu!

There are the most delightfully whimsical stores abiding in the post apocalyptic remnants of a steampunk world. A large portion of the region has been left as a junkyard which is really a sandbox for the survivors to try and rebuild their past. The results can be found on sale in nooks and crannies and on stairwells (there's a steampunk flashlight everybody should have).

Here and there you will find a robot which is still operating after whatever cataclysmic event befell these people but the rest are rusted hulks left to suffer the depredations of time and weather. The locals appear to have maintained their skills and a truly unique vision. This little chair is quirky and representative of many of the seemingly odd but delightful items on display.

Oh yes. There's also a 90 meter tall dragon. :)

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