Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something's Burning in Second Life

Dust is starting to blow in the wind on the playa. There is activity once more in the middle of nowhere and you should plan to take advantage of this. :) It is time for the Burnal Equinox!

Beginning at 11:00 am SLT on Friday March 25th and lasting through the weekend you will be able to join with other residents to dance and sing and watch Mutant Vehicle races. The Department of Public Works is busy making sure there are adequate port-a-potties and that they are suitably decorated.

At 11:00 SLT there will be the opening ceremonies at Burn U (maturity rating "Moderate") and an announcement will be made regarding the theme of this year's big festival in October. Volunteers make this event what it is and you will get more information at the same time concerning how to become involved.

The rest of the day will be packed:

  • Noon Mommaluv Skytower
  • 1:00 Drum
  • 2:00 Burner Studio with Dusty Udal
  • 3:00 Phoenix Gerhadsen
  • 4:00 BubbaC John
  • 5:00 DMV Flower Power Races
  • 7:00 Myst Dancers
  • 8:00 Lamplighters Procession

As always be prepared for surprises!

I will be covering as much of the event as I can but you should really go see it for yourself. I won't be able to get to everything! Although I do plan to watch the races - the DMV has a well deserved reputation!

On a slightly different topic - I saw an interesting question yesterday about destinations that are teen friendly. It occurred to me that I rarely indicate the maturity ratings for the regions I cover on this blog. I intend to change that and, in addition, I've added a page where I'm listing the various destinations in my posts sorted by category. You can find this page here or use the link at the top on the right hand side.

There is obviously a tendency for people to classify their regions as "moderate" - I'm not sure it's always appropriate. The good news is that some truly wonderful builds such as Pteron and the Forgotten City are classified as General so the 16/17 year olds on the grid can enjoy them. I will try and find a lot more. :)

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