Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Dreamers' Paradise in Second Life

My name is Honour McMillan and I love colour. There, I've admitted what you've always known. I also love gardens and Dreamers' Paradise gives me both. Something about the combination of lush plant life and riotous colour just makes me feel good.

Titled "Candy for the Heart, Mind & Soul" I was actually expecting something less impressive. My fear of overtly sweet and sugary was, however, misplaced. This fae sim is owned by the Lucid Dream Travelers group and they've done a fabulous job of creating a romantic fantasy that is all grown up.

In many places it's like walking through an impressionist garden painting. This is not easy to achieve without relying on cliches and I applaud them.

While I was here I experimented with a windlight setting by AM Radio that I had finally installed thanks to Raul Crimson. The results were really interesting (at least to me).

And speaking of art, the photo above reminded me of works by Toni Onley. So I focused solely on the sim surround and got something reminiscent of one of his watercolours (although of course he did it much better).

Go see Dreamers' Paradise and discover your own inspiration. :)

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