Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nomos an MPORPG in Second Life

It started out innocently enough, today's journey that is. I saw a photo of something called Nomos and thought I'd give it a quick visit. OK I may be intrepid but it's true that I'm naive. Coming so soon after my brief excursion into the Military Gaming Experience in Second Life I suppose it's only reasonable that I explore the MPORPG genre inworld (and yes I left off an M, I suspect "massively" doesn't really apply but if it does then get in line and just shoot me).

Nomos, it turned out, is part of the game system run by Socionex Game System (SGS) which also includes The Kingdom of Sand and the upcoming Golgothica. Built by the eDream Factory these are rich and complex (meaning much detail in thought and storyline) games.

One of the best parts of visiting Nomos was that the "landing area" includes an extensive orientation, a huge amount of information and nobody killed me (I'm admittedly still pissed about that). There is, in fact, so much information it would take you hours to absorb it all. However, you can put on an Explorer tag and go visit before deciding you want to participate.

Joining the game will require the purchase of a HUD (L$500) which can be used with different skins in both games. There is also an ingame currency which would be used to purchase weapons and other items sold for use by the various role players and available to be earned once you are eligible to seek employment.

For those who are interested I've copied the Nomos backstory onto a separate page. It was much too long to try and include and I wouldn't be doing it any favours by trying to edit the content. :)

In spite of the fact that I don't have a "gamer" background I found Nomos strangely seductive. I think it felt familiar because of the amount of scifi/fantasy I read and so it's more comfortable perhaps than strictly military gaming. I have 3 days with my Explorer tag to continue to poke around and decide if I want to dip my toe in these strange waters. I suggest you go take a look yourself - you might find it compelling. :)


Unknown said...

The 'new eden' pic reminds me of HALO, how the landscape curves upward later completing a full circle.

Honour McMillan said...

I'll have to take your word for that *grin*
I took that photo because of the irony - there is humour in this build. :)