Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Relief Efforts in Second Life and a Tiny Vent

Asphalt Gallery on the Gay Riviera

I posted earlier that, in addition to the Linden Relief Bear, I was sure there would be additional inworld opportunities to donate to organizations providing aid to the stricken in Japan. It didn't take a psychic to make that prediction of course. :) Allow me to mention two of the efforts I've visited recently.

My friend Jacks Rhys, a talented painter from Chicago (I don't know how I get so many talented artists on my friends list, I'm just glad I do) has dedicated the sales of all of the art in his Asphalt Galleries to the American Red Cross for Aid in Japan. All of it. This includes a limited edition piece pictured above which will only be on sale for the next two weeks. For my adult readers this is a must see.

A very successful fundraiser (certainly in terms of traffic) is the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. Many many designers and shopkeepers have set up vendors with 50% - 100% of the proceeds going to Japan Relief. You will find a wide variety of quality items and a host of new retailers to add to future shopping expeditions.

If you have trouble getting in because the sim is full just keep trying. The wait will be well worth it. :)

I have to insert a teensy tiny vent here. I've seen comments in various social media locations along the lines of "gee that's awful but why should we care". I've also seen a post that said donations were only made to an organization with the "right" political/religious alignment and it was a kind of test because if the Japanese wouldn't accept it then they didn't deserve it.

I disagree with both positions but we all have our own biases. I will say that there are only two reasons to give which, in my opinion, matter worth a damn. The first is that there is a need. The second is that you can - and only if you can. Everything else is bullshit. If you feel that both requirements are met, please give to an organization that actually delivers aid. If for some reason Japan doesn't meet your "worthiness exam" well then there's still need in Haiti, ChristChurch, Queensland etc.

I spent a wonderful few hours on Japan Dream Kenjin. This is a remarkable build of a Japanese town and demonstrates the wonders of physical locations resulting from organic rather than planned growth. It's a delight to wander the streets and poke into the various buildings. Be patient though - it takes a while to rez. You will be rewarded by a fantastic experience if you do. My thanks to Jacks and Simon for insisting I visit. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word Honour. No single person can do much, but if we all do whatever we are capable of, we can certainly do massive amounts of good.

On your Rant, wow, yes! I was hearing about that earlier today and just completely stunned. How people can say not to send aid because Japan is a wealthy nation. Or not send aid because they are not a Christian nation. Deplorable. They are people and they are hurting and suffering. Period. And no nation, no matter how wealthy, can supply enough good and services if they only rely on their own capabilities. And second, how Christian is it to say you only want to help those that believe the same thing you do. Not the Christianity I grew up with. That's for sure.

Thank you again for the mention and the suggestion for anyone, that can, to help in anyway they can.

Shockwave Plasma said...

So what did the Japanese ever do for the USA? Oh,that little storm down in New Orleans...

Personally I have given via This was started by a Japanese man living in the UK, who will match any contribution.

I'm actually quite happy for any USA churches to send aid, it's quite cold there now, and any cultural contaminates in the parcels can be used to start a fire to keep warm.

Brinda said...

"I will say that there are only two reasons to give which, in my opinion, matter worth a damn. The first is that there is a need. The second is that you can"...
Well said.