Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Deelish-ous Enigma in Second Life

I've seen a lot of photos lately of Deelish-ous Designs, a relatively new sim on the grid and the images were all fascinating. But I couldn't quite figure out what the "story" was. I went to visit today and love the place, however I'm no closer to understanding what's going on. :)

I landed in the Ionic Spell (which is where that first link will take you) a club designed like no other I've seen - mesmerizing. In the foyer is the entrance to an abandoned subway. I spent a lot of time in the club and subway because I couldn't find a way out and you're not allowed to randomly teleport. Maybe I just need more coffee. :)

I knew I wanted to explore the rest of the sim and managed to find a listing in search that let me tp to Slow. From there I set out to see the rest of this extraordinary build. It's one of those places you'll put in your "do not delete" landmark folders.

This sim will take you hours to fully experience. Everywhere you look there are dozens of photo opportunities. I had a lot of trouble picking just 5 for this post - you really really need to go see this place for yourself. However, if you find your way out of that club/subway don't tell me, I'm already feeling inadequate. :)

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