Monday, March 28, 2011

A Swedish Fairy Tale Hosts Art in Second Life

An art gallery whose name comes from a Swedish fairy tale has a new home. Norden Art is now situated on Nordan om Jorden (moderate maturity rating) and is an eclectic mix of old european, futuristic metal and Second Life water design. I loved it!

Inside the main buildings you will currently find animated art by Natsha Lemton, tryptichs by Helene Lytton and sculptures by Rebeca Bashly. Don't neglect the futuristic build attached to one side - there are some stunning pieces in that display as well.

Flora Nordenskiold does not restrict her display areas to the buildings however. Nearby in the shallow water offshore is the full installation of Rose Borchovski's Memories. Here Susa Bubble returns without losing any of her complexity or power.

Make sure you use the teleporter to travel up inside the sphere. You will have a completely different understanding of the piece and a whole new view of Susa.

This is a terrific collection of artists and their works. I look forward to future shows at Norden Art.

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