Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Conference Venue You'll Love in Second Life

The moment you arrive at the main gateway it's obvious that the 4th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference (VWBPE) is not going to be one of your boring everyday get togethers. How many of your professional meetings are held in a steampunk setting?

I met three different conference attendees as I wandered around this morning. Everyone of them is brand new to Second Life and each rhapsodized about what they saw and the possibilities for using this world in education. So I think the organizers have already succeeded.

There are helpful greeters everywhere, clear instructions with maps and teleports, free clothing (including appropriate steampunk wear) and a myriad of things to see in between scheduled sessions. This build is a huge win.

I'd love to give you a list of all the builders (because they have done an outstanding job) but I haven't found one yet - what I can tell you is the name of the person who built the main auditorium. Just look at this place!

paramparram papp has built something so far away from a hotel meeting room it's .... well it's in another world. :) How appropriate!

Botgirl Questi is going to be giving the keynote from this dais this afternoon.

I plan to be in one of these seats and I solemnly vow not to be distracted by the bright shiny build around me. Well, not much anyway. :)

Bravo to the conference organizers for their vision and cudo's to the builders. This installation is just breathtaking.

Update: Got the names of the build team - amazing job.

Rurik Bellingshausen - Creative Director
Kavon Zenovka - Project Manager

Rurik Bellingshausen -North, Social Hub
LeeDale Shepherd - Machinima
LuciPearl Sorbet - Train Depot, Coffee Shop, Airstrip
Blu Heron - Junkyard and South Auxiliary

Abacus Capalini - Prim Counter and Infrastructure
Izzlander Karu - Infrastructure

Firery Broome
Kilara Balnarring
Raskolnikow Roffo


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