Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Pop Art that is Orangelo in Second Life

An island that is both a work of art and a gallery to display works by talented artists. This is Orangelo. I strongly encourage you to find the time to visit and explore this fabulous build.

Brille Big by Vera Eales

It was very difficult for me to choose just 5 photographs for this blog post. I took dozens and don't claim that any of them actually do the works justice.

Space Elephant by Ub Yifu

Many of the pieces are for sale and I covet all of them. :) I'm truly grateful that they are being shared in this setting, they seem right at home and all are in good company.

Human Energy (burn) by Anley Piers

Although it's tempting to spend all of your time investigating the wonders at the waters' edge make sure to venture inland and then poke around the far side. There are gems in hidden corners and at least one cave that should be entered with caution.

One Day I Tickled an Elephant in My Pink Pajamas by Yoa Ogee

I actually purchased this piece by Yoa Ogee last Christmas for a friend. He gets so many he probably never even unpacked it - and it's not exactly his usual style. But I think it speaks to the bizarre and whimsical in all of us. Much like Orangelo - something for your inner "odd".

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