Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the 1st Question Hotseat in Second Life

Let me start by saying that Pooky Amsterdam is a force of nature and when she aims her powers your way you are helpless to resist. This is the only possible explanation for my agreement to be a panel member on the 1st Question. I have never had any desire to get in front of a camera so it was with a mixture of both trepidation and anticipation that I prepared for the event last Sunday. I had great plans to take lots of photos for this blog post but I was so focussed on not messing up that my camera button was never clicked. Luckily Ahuva was there and took some for my personal inventory - I went back to the empty studio to take the one above.

To relieve the tedious amount of text I'll use to describe this adventure I will insert photographs from other recent explorations. :)

Kowloon - in the narrow streets you will find Japan Relief items for sale.

I knew about the date of my appearance weeks ago and spent hours in preparation. I carefully studied the periodic table to identify my element, evaluated seemingly thousands of suffixes and prefixes to arrive at a word I felt comfortable creating and I combed through mountains of science news in the hope that I'd be able to answer at least one question correctly.

The element and word got done. Neither will remain in anyone's memory but they were done. Of course all my studying and notes were wasted (well apart from increasing my knowledge of scientific current events I suppose) because nothing I had found was included in any of the questions posed. sigh

Fashion for Life - Arbus Sim

On the day of the taping I spent a final few hours reading science news and then thought I'd be clever and have a nap so I'd be fresh and alert for the show. Most of the nap involved a nightmare about arriving late and having to face Pooky, Hydra Shaftoe, Petlove Petshop and the rest of the very professional crew in disgrace. I woke up to discover I had 15 minutes to get inworld, assume the chosen avatar and rush to the studio. Unfortunately I decided to counteract the brain blurriness caused by the nap by having a cup of coffee. This meant I was not only nervous but also wired.

This was the 116th episode of 1st Question - it has lasted this long because it's fun and because the team is really good at what it does. I was almost entirely certain that I couldn't be the cause of the sudden demise of this Second Life institution.

My fellow panelists for this episode were Frolic Mills and Callie Cline. Frolic informed us before the show began that he had won on his last visit (I immediately taped down his button) and Callie brought her own army. I was going to adopt a display name of "Roadkill". It seemed fitting.

I won't tell you what happened but I will say that through a combination of the teensiest bit of actual knowledge, lucky guessing and the invaluable assistance of audience members I managed to hold my own. The show is a lot of fun and I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to add it to my inworld experiences.

For those of you who are interested, here is my episode of 1st Question for your amusement. :)

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