Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Risking My Virtue in Second Life's Steelhead City

Dear Diary: I finally gave in to the pleadings of my family to have my portrait done. I agreed to travel to Steelhead City and visit their chosen artist, however my journey did not go as planned.

I had been directed to go to Steelhead Harborside to find the garret where my image would be painted and was assured that both the location and the artist would in no way adversely affect my reputation as a virtuous woman.

I initially believed I would be able to find my way unaided but when I realized I was somewhere known as Steelhead Boomtown and next to a Home for Wayward Urchins I began to be concerned. I gathered my courage and requested assistance from the first sober looking resident I encountered.

Unfortunately the "kindly" stranger pointed me towards the Steelhead Port Harbor. Diary, this is a very busy location. One I am quite convinced no lady should acknowledge familiarity with nor actual experience visiting.

I'm not entirely sure I know what happened next. I remember the scent of something sweet and cloying and then nothing.

When I awoke I was somewhere called Steelhead Shanghai - an "adult" environment. I cannot bring myself to admit, even to you Dear Diary, what befell me there. I will bless my stars that there are some honest and noble souls even in that dark evil place.

Once I was freed, my guardian angels assisted me in arriving at my original destination. How much easier would be my mind if I had found Steelhead Harborside at the start and avoided my terrible ordeal. The next time I am required to venture into new locations I will seek out information beforehand to ensure I arrive where planned.

I felt compelled to continue on and have the dratted portrait made because I could not face my family with the truth.

As for my portrait, Dear Diary I'm afraid my family will be disappointed. The artist felt there was something "interfering with my personal aether". He actually suggested that travel would help me achieve clarity. I managed to restrain myself and did not hit him with my cane.




I was inspired to visit the collections of sims known as Steelhead City (a combination of American Victorian Steampunk and Rustic Western set in the coastal Pacific Northwest town known as Steelhead City deep in the Oregon Territories, United States. Founded circa 1854.) when I saw this photo by LookatmyBack.


Shockwave Plasma said...

Dearest Honour,
you really need to change your secret diary password from "V1r3t0us".
I think you should probably delete the pages about your trip to that wicked wastelands, and your encounter with Max Maxwell.

You could publish the one to that Stoneworks castle anonymously, I know a very discrete publisher, although re-wrighting the part with the centaur might be an idea, as you seem to become a bit incoherent for some reason


Honour McMillan said...

I'm shocked and mortified that you would confuse me with somebody who behaves with such a complete lack of discretion!

/me changes all my passwords

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

What a lovely write-up of the city - thank you for visiting :)