Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Hardscrabble "Roche" in Second Life

I had a lot of things planned for this morning but then I saw this photo by SpankiM and thought I'd spend a couple of minutes checking the place out. I spent considerably more than a few minutes admiring this build by ddsm2 Mathy and (I believe) Mocha Bellic.

I know I'm far from the first person to find or blog about Roche but that's true of most everywhere I go. Make sure you add this one to your itinerary.

I love the feel of this landscape. In spite of all the water, it reminds me of the prairies or desert ranches in winter (without the snow). I saw somebody describe the landscape textures as "deliberately ugly" but I find them stunning and evocative.

You get the sense that this area, its buildings and people have had a hard life but have managed to persevere in spite of limited resources. It's beautiful.

There's a sense of loneliness in much of the landscape. The music playing while I was there was a perfect sound representation of the visual. Roche feels isolated, wind swept and somehow triumphant.

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