Sunday, February 13, 2011

alpha.tribe Opens An Addictive Playground in Second Life

Photographers, explorers and those working on "self" will love this new destination. I doubt that the word "playground" was in Alpha Auer's mind when she designed the new alpha.tribe home sim - but that's what it feels like. A place to explore, full of delights and whimsy for grown-ups (as opposed to the Adult category, this build is not x-rated).

Much of the sim appears to be underwater, which adds more layers of fantasy. In addition to the store "you will also find two fully equipped gyms, a spa, a relaxation center, and an otter sanctuary. Furthermore the famous Dr. Nax Institute of Virtual Wellness (complete with toys, a trampoline, a carousel and 7/24 Rogerian on-site psychotherapeutic facilities) also has its premises on this island."

I fell in love with all of it - particularly the giant boxes which open when you touch the controls to reveal magical scenes that move and change before once again closing.

What may become the most heavily used location however is the Pavilion of a Hundred Poses. Embedded in Alpha Auer's construct are 100 poses by Frigg Ragu - all of which are adjustable. You are free to rez props or even your own pose balls (this is true for the whole sim, there's a 1 hour return) so photographers can go crazy! However you'd be well advised to choose a better subject than I did. :)

I need to add a brief news update before I forget. Crap Mariner has discovered that Amercian Express will give you a 5 song rebate on iTunes - use it to enjoy inworld musicians!

You can spend hours exploring and enjoying the new alpha.tribe sim and you can have free music to enjoy at the same time. :)


Elif Ayiter said...

Thank you for this post! wonderful! Thank you again!

But surely, it is all about "play"! That is the first, second and last thing that was on my mind when I made this sim. Or when I made Syncretia, or all the avatars that I make. Nothing but...

Honour McMillan said...

Well I'm an unabashed fan and you did good with "play"! :)