Monday, February 21, 2011

Dragonflies & Ninjaz in Second Life

I love fantasy, but I prefer mine without "syrup", so I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when I landed on Dragonfly and saw this message written on a rock in blood. I anticipated a slightly edgy fantasy landscape and that's precisely what you will find when you go explore two sister islands still under construction.

The plant life is beautiful but the movement might startle you - so be prepared. The build reminds me of retro fantasy illustrations and it's done really well. These towers could have been cliched but they're perfect in their slightly eccentric design.

One of my favourite spots on Dragonfly was a small grove of white trees and when I happened on it there was an elf wandering through the tall grass. Saturn Ariantho graciously allowed me to include his photo in this post - you should check out his SL photographs - he's good. :)

The two islands, Dragonfly and Mad Ninjaz welcome visitors and the builds are well worth visiting. Be respectful though of the residents - if you come across one of their homes do stay out of it. I'm pretty sure that warning on the rock is intended to foretell retribution if you behave badly. :)

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