Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Once & Future "Arc" in Second Life

*you are not alone, we come in peace,...*

Taking my cue from Chesnut Rau, I went to visit 193, the arc and discovered what happens when you combine the Nibiru Collision, the AnunNaki, the Sumerian Creation Myth, math that explains everything, peace, wisdom, knowledge, illumination, DNA, light, love, cosmic consciousness and the transformation of all matter. At least this is what happens if you're Abel Moonites and you not only have the imagination required to integrate all of those concepts but also the talent to build the resulting vision.

Flood Mythology is obviously a strong presence in this build but it's incorporated with all of the other themes very successfully. It's a beautiful build and you don't have to explore the genesis (hah, perhaps the wrong word to use or maybe the correct one) of his vision and design to appreciate what Abel has created.

On a practical level you can explore and discover animals, floating islands, fantastic foliage and lots of water. Abel states "All roads lead somewhere. Many roads lead to nowhere. But only one way leads you home." You can walk those long roads - and you should. The use of textures and their movement is the best I've seen in a long long time.

If you want to understand more of the builder's thinking (in addition to researching the sources of his inspiration) it might help to look at a review of one of his earlier builds that includes an interview with him.

A random thought that occurred as I explored this really really interesting build- psychologists must find Second Life a huge source of research and study. However it would seem to me that they can concentrate on angst-ridden emo divas - the artists have an outlet that not only allows them to express themselves but share their visions with the rest of us. :)


Chestnut Rau said...

As always, your posts are simply fabulous. Your images put me to shame.

Honour McMillan said...

pfffft - if I hadn't liked the ones in your post so much I wouldn't have visited in the first place. :)

Raven Haalan said...

Fabulous Honour. Such an interesting idea, and you've captured it wonderfully.

Honour McMillan said...

ahh Thank you!