Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Using Koinup to Explore Second Life

I look at Second Life's Destination Guide frequently (and I recommend it) to find new places to explore but there are downsides to that. First of all the contents of my favourite categories don't change often and I run out of ideas. Secondly it means I miss out on a lot of places that I'd probably like but don't know about. So let me suggest an additional way to find new and interesting locations to visit inworld - use Koinup.

I'm biased of course because I like Koinup a lot, it's easy, vw-centric, has neat widgets and the co-owner (Pier) is active in Second Life. You can find photos, slide shows, machinima and almost always Slurls - which is perfect for me to start new adventures.

I began today with this photo by Prandi Capalini and wound up on Quinntukhat.

I didn't realize until I arrived on the island that it's a homestead attached to Midian City. It's beautifully done and a huge contrast to that dark RP City.

My next inspiration came from this photo by Toysoldier Thor. The Gulf of Lune should seem barren (if watery) but instead is full of life and a really nice calming environment.

The "landscaping" would be considered minimal but it's extremely well done. Would be a great place for contemplation or really interesting photo shoots.

My third trip of the day began with a photo by Baroque and I was very startled when I arrived on 6pi. I mean, her photo didn't tell me much about the place but this is not what I expected. :)

It is a fabulous build (sort of a cross between Dutch doll house and surrealism). The shops are terrific both in design and content. Well worth another visit.

So I encourage you, as always, to explore the grid and strongly suggest you take advantage of the wealth of material on Koinup to find new places. I'll step down off the soapbox now. :)

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Pier said...

thanks for this useful and positive review! WE'RE honored to have you in the community!