Friday, February 25, 2011

Imagine Plus in Second Life

Imagine you're an explorer in the 15th Century - perched on the deck of a tiny wooden boat sailing uncharted seas, thousands of miles from home.

Now imagine that in the middle of a seemingly endless and empty ocean you encounter rusted debris from (what we today would recognize as) a space ship crawling with giant rusty bugs.

It might be time for some rum. Well maybe lots of rum.

Do you assume this is a harbinger of continents about to be discovered? Do you have anything in your experience to use as a reference? Do you focus instead on the small details and think that there's a new source of iron to be found?

When you see a forest growing out of the water with brightly coloured fish swimming among the branches - does it give you pause? Or as an explorer do you simply come to expect things outside of your norm?

I was inspired to visit the islands of Imagine Plus by Kakuza's photo on Koinup. I think you'll enjoy the experience as well. :)

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