Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mining for Red in Second Life

I'm sure you've all gone through the necessary processing at the Clone Station so ..... no?..... Oh well, never mind. Just forget I mentioned that ..... nothing to see there ..... no such thing as clones. Nope. No aberrations here. *cough* restart

Um, Ok I have no idea how they're finding the resources but the owners of the Red Mine have made significant progress digging down through the layers of rock that one presumes might hold untapped resources to be used for the betterment of all Second Life.

There is an elevator of sorts that will transport you down some distance but, if it's not too hard on you, consider making your own way through the tunnels left behind by those intrepid individuals doing all the digging.

One does wonder just how many might have paid with their lives to construct a mine through layers of molten lava. It'll be a long time before you hear me complaining about my working conditions!

The mine is still under construction but it is considered "stable enough" for you to visit. I'll leave it to you to decide how much risk you are willing to undertake. In addition, I'll allow you to reach your own conclusions about what might normally occupy the large cage suspended above the floor on the lowest level. I'm going to go find some flowery meadow for a little break.

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Dingo said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing it :-)