Sunday, March 27, 2011

General Doesn't Have To Mean Childish in Second Life

It was a pleasant surprise in a way to realize that a number of fabulous builds (e.g., Pteron and The Forgotten City) are rated "General" and so accessible to all of Second Life's residents. But I set out to find more.

In my quest to identify destinations with a maturity rating of "General" I found a few new spots and rediscovered a couple of old favourites. The first must be considered a grid institution by now - Mad Pea Games. I've done the Kaaos Effect and there is nothing childish about this adventure.

Mad Pea has dramatically increased the number of their offerings and I recommend that everybody go experience at least one of their very high quality games. Start at the Games Hub and choose your challenge. You'll have a great time!

New to me was Escapades - an island full of games and quests. This one is "younger" than the other offerings in this post but a beautiful build and well worth exploring. You can even go down to the docks and tp up to visit a very lonely robot.

Frost on Alirium is a stunning winter fantasy landscape (no mucking around in windlight was done for this photo - that's all the result of the designer's talent). If you need adventure you could certainly create your own in this bizarre yet beautiful setting.

Another old favourite was the Pot Healer Adventure on Numbakulla. Many have tried but few have completed this quest. I'm sure you'll succeed but even if you don't it's a great place to spend some time trying. :)

The last option in this post is another terrific landscape. Although it's a bit puzzling - the Rouge Forest is not red. But you can obviously do amazing things with blue, black, white and the occasional splash of green. :)

These five destinations have been added to the page where I sort my travels by maturity rating. I look forward to adding more. :)


August Lusch-Paine said...

Awesome stuff!

Jennifer Fiddes said...

beautiful settings. check out milkwood when you have time. thanks for the great suggestions for exploration, the last time I had a chance to go galavanting around I went to the forgotten city pe your suggestion and had a lovely time.

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you both! and @Jennifer I've added milkwood to my itinerary :)